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Dec 15

December 10, 2015

Winter Baby Clothes

By admin / Children and Baby

When winter starts to creep up, it’s time to break out the winter baby clothes to keep your baby comfortable. Babies are prone to being cold, so you’ll need to pay close attention to the kind of baby clothes you choose for them – especially in the winter, to ensure as much skin as possible is covered, and your baby is bundled up to keep out any drafts or chills.

One-Piece Baby Jacket

One-piece baby jackets allow you to dress your baby easily with a single piece of outer-wear to keep them warm. A big advantage to a one-piece baby jacket is it keeps drafts out as there are no separate layers of clothing which can easily ride up or down on your baby. Many pieces of outer-wear baby clothing come with a hood (sometimes even detachable) adding to the overall convenience of it. Your baby can stay warm and snugly even on the harshest winter days.

Many baby clothes designs also feature foot and hand covers which can be folded back if you wish to expose your baby’s hands or feet. This design keeps your baby’s extremities warmer by blocking wind and drafts and keeping their body heat inside. Most items of baby clothing fully zip up the front, making them easy to take off and put on.

Layers of Winter Baby Clothes

winter baby clothesAs with adults, layers of baby clothes are often the key to keeping baby warm in the winter. Layers are also helpful in that you can remove the outer layers when indoors. Some coats come with layers which you can remove. The inner layer may be a fleece jacket, with the outer being more like a winter coat. You can dress your baby in one or both for ultimate warmth.

Thinner inner layers help to keep your baby from feeling bulky or constrained. Still being able to move around is important for your baby’s comfort. Light cotton material which is breathable is often a good first layer up against your baby’s skin, followed by a sweater or baby grow and perhaps a baby jacket or coat.

Baby Hats and Hoods

Many coats will come with hoods to pull up, but the problem is they don’t always stay up. A hat is often easier to keep on your baby. You may also opt for a hat paired with a hood. The advantage there is the hood helps keep wind and drafts out of the back and sides of your baby’s neck, while the hat protects all of the head and ears.

Baby Mittens and Booties

Keeping your baby’s hands and feet warm is very important. If the coat or other outerwear doesn’t have attached mittens or booties which cover hands and feet, separate articles are needed. Mittens are easiest for babies, so that their hands can move freely inside. Some mittens are a single piece, no thumb separation while others are traditional mittens.

As for feet, you can choose a nice, warm pair of lined baby booties or shoes which go up over the baby’s ankles to keep out drafts. Paired with warm socks underneath should keep toes toasty.

essential baby clothing


Dec 15

December 8, 2015

Essential Baby Clothes for Boys & Girls

By admin / Children and Baby

Essential Baby Clothes for Boys & Girls

Baby clothes hanging on the clothesline.

Buying baby clothes is something that most new parents at first seem to really enjoy doing. Then of course there are all the relatives that want to buy clothes for the new arrival. Newborn babies can get through clothes really quickly as they need to be changed on a frequent basis. The other thing to remember is that babies grow quickly so buying too many clothes and outfits may not provide value for money. There are different styles and some really cute outfits available to buy. However it is best to make sure that you have enough essential clothes for your baby.


Baby Grows are a must have


When buying clothes for baby boys and baby girls a baby grow is an essential that you cannot possibly do without. The beauty of baby grows is that they are easy to put on, and then take off your baby. The other good thing is that they do not have to be changed after you have changed a used nappy. This can reduce the need to wash a baby grow as often as nappies are changed. As baby grows have poppers at the bottom they are really easy to take on and off. Quick changes can be really handy for any parent.




Vests are the most useful of any clothes for baby boys and baby girls. Just like baby grows their virtue lies in the fact that they are easy to change on or off in a hurry. They are easy to wash and quick drying, handy when babies can be sick quite often and all so drip milk onto themselves. As a rule when buying clothes for baby boys and baby girls you can never have enough baby vests. You can buy plain ones, patterned ones, and ones with cute messages or slogans on them. Do not buy too many in newborn sizes though as your baby will not be in them for long. That is when vests been easy to wash and quick drying is useful for parents.


Socks and tights


Socks look very cute on little babies, and they keep little feet warm. Again do not buy too many for newborns, but buy more pairs as they grow older. Socks can be really tempting as clothes essentials to buy for baby boys and baby girls. They often have cute or pretty designs, or you can buy plain ones instead. Watch out for your baby rubbing their feet together and possibly rolling the socks down, or even taking the socks off their feet.

Plain, patterned or pretty tights can be brought for baby girls, and worn with skirts and a top, or with a dress.

Toddler boy playing with food at the indoors cafe


Party Outfits


Perhaps these count as something that cannot be resisted as opposed to being an essential. Party outfits are clothes for baby boys and baby girls designed to tempt you into buying them. Whether it is for your own babies, or those of your family and friends these outfits are bound to make baby boys and girls look incredibly cute. Besides party outfits can be classed as essential especially for your baby’s first birthday party. After all you want your baby to be the star of the show.




Babies need to be kept warm, without overheating. Coats are clothes that baby boys and baby girls
simply cannot do without. Thinner coats and jackets would be best for summer, with a warmer coat for the rest of the year. If taking your baby out in a buggy or pushchair a lighter coat might be alright as long you have a blanket to keep them warm as well.


All in ones


During the winter months or if spring is cooler essential clothes for baby boys and baby girls include an all in one. These all in ones safe you from having to dress your baby in a top and trousers, or skirt with a coat over the top. This can be quicker if you need to go out on a cold winter day. All in ones are therefore very useful items of baby clothing in the winter. Underneath your baby would be fine just wearing a baby grow or a vest. These can be brought plain, patterned, or with characters on them.



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