Must-have Items for the Fashionable Man’s Wardrobe

December 8, 2015 admin

There is a saying that clothes make the man. There are many people that believe that saying is correct, that you can tell a great deal about a man by the clothes he owns and wears. Now some clothes should be worn for business or formal occasions, whilst other outfits are better for informal events. A man’s wardrobe then can be more important than men will realize. Thus picking mens clothes is a thing that it is important to get right, as the most appropriate clothing worn at the right time can do wonders in terms of careers or social standing. It is akin to having the right school tie. While mens fashion often fails to match the publicity that womens fashion tends to attract.


A high quality formal mens shirt can say a great deal about what is, or is not in a mans wardrobe. Shirts that are well-made and look that way will get someone noticed as a man that knows how to dress most aptly, and has a bit of class. For black tie events and important business meetings a hand made and tailor made shirt can go along way in impressing people that a man has not met before. Excellent first impressions can more than justify the extra cost of a higher quality shirt, for those of us with limited clothes buying budgets. Such shirts demonstrate, which men pay attention to the finer details in life, and who are prepared to put in the extra effort to make progress in their lives.

Everyday attire

Sometimes just as important for advancing in careers and social standing as formal wear are informal mens shirts. These shirts can be ideal for when there is an informal occasion were the dress code is smart casual but you do not want to look too casual. The point of these shirts is that they show that a man is bothered about what he wears, and takes picking his clothes out of his wardrobe for the most opportune moment possible. It is about making an effort to look right without making it appear that you have made such an effort. When picking informal shirts consider choosing designer brands, and if you have to these type of events before consider what other people wore. However think back to when these meetings took place. Wear a designer label that was in last season can back fire on you if the most fashionable trends have moved on since then.

Formal Attire

It is not just mens shirts that can be formal wear. This category of mens clothing includes suits, ties, and waist coats. Formal dress is best suited for business meetings, job interviews, as well as club or society meetings. Major social events like weddings are other occasions when it is best to wear formal wear unless told that smart casual will be the order of the day. Tailor made formal dress could be a valuable addition to the wardrobe of any man that is ambitious. Otherwise a well-made suit was reasonable quality shirts would normally be fine for men that attend job interviews and social gatherings alike sparingly. To make the formal dress look complete some men will wear cuff links, tie pins, and silk ties. If a man is going to do the formal dress look then he should do it properly, within his existing budget. Failing to look the part can sometimes do you more harm than not trying to do so in the first place. A man that is not sure how to achieve the formal may be advised to seek advise from a tailor.

Summer Style

Now sometimes it is summer clothes that indicates the strengths and weaknesses of a man’s wardrobe. Although these days it is easier to buy shorts that do appear on the smarter side of smart casual instead of on the scruffy side of scruffy. Usually most summers retailers seem to have a competition between each other to make the brightest shorts possible. If you are only planning to wear shorts on your family holiday then it does not really matter how bright they are. On the other hand your choice may have to be toned down for important social gatherings.

In terms of tops, men can buy t-shirts, vests, and casual short sleeved shirts. T-shirts and vests should go best with the more casual shorts. If wearing a short sleeved shirt consider matching it with the smarter looking shorts. For family gatherings you may be able to wear the more daring combinations of summer clothes.

Finally – Menswear

These days there seems to be a much wider variety of menswear available for you to buy, or even hire. Depending on the kind of jobs that men have, and what they do in their spare time plays a significant role in deciding the type of menswear they will have in their individual wardrobes. Basically the better wardrobes will have a mix of clothes in them. There will be everyday shirts, coats, and jeans, then there may be smarter clothes for wearing to work, and the smartest clothes for job interviews and special occasions. It is worth reviewing the contents of your wardrobe at least once a year to decide the clothes you still need and the ones that no longer serve a purpose for you. If you do not want to own the smartest formal wear this can be hired for graduations, proms, and weddings etc.